How To Get Rid Of Marietta Bats In The Attic

If you are hearing continuous squeaking and scratching noise from chimney, walls, and ceiling, the chances are that Marietta bats have attacked your home. So many homeowners in the US are in trouble due to a bat infestation. The most terrible thing to know is that these birds carry lots of disease viruses that can get transferred to humans and pets on the premises. Hence, if you have a rat infestation in your home, it is good to take immediate safe steps to get rid of these creatures. Homeowners make use of a variety of tricks to scare bats away from their attic. Some of these tricks are useful as well. But don't worry! We are here to assist you to get rid of bats with ease. First of all, if bats have not created nests in your attic, you can use some preventive methods to avoid their infestation in future. Prefer to bat-proof the area by installing proper netting so that bats cannot find any entry hole to get inside.

Use exclusion devices:
The exclusion devices can be installed at all entry and exit points for Georgia bats. It can be a netting cone or any single way door that allow bats only to get out from the attic, but they cannot get inside again. It is good to use these devices at specific entry and exit points for few days and observe the bat movements for few days. Experts recommend using bat valve installation to get best results. However, mesh netting can be other flexible option for bat removal.

Install bat homes:
Bats are deeply connected to their homes so even if you eliminate them once, they will try to make more chances to get inside again. In such situations, the best idea is to create a new bat-friendly home for them at a distance from your house. Make some efforts to attract bats to these new homes so that they can naturally forget yours. Once they are shifted to the new house, you can seal all the entry points at your premises to get rid of them.

Ultra-sonic repellents:
Most of these devices can easily cover 5000 square feet area to scare Marietta bats away, but when installing in a home, the waves are often observed by surrounding materials such as grass, furniture, wood, and carpets, etc. So they can cover the limited space, but this is enough to scare bats away from the attic.

High-frequency repellents:
Another valuable solution for Georgia bat removal is high-frequency repellent. Noise generated from these devices disturb bats a lot, and they prefer to move away from the area where these repellents are installed. You can scare bats away from attic using these latest devices. In case if none of these techniques provide you desired results for removing bats, it is good to call professional bat exterminators. Those professionals know right techniques to handle bird removal process without causing any trouble to the homeowners. They can help you to avoid the damage associated with bat infestation.

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