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Do you have a wildlife concern? A snake in the bath maybe, or a colony of bats in the attic? That's our speciality - wild animal control and removal, and we've got over a decade of experience doing it. We've come up with the best, tried-and-tested for removing the wildlife you have a problem with, meaning that both you and the animal itself gets out of the situation unscathed. We aim to safely revoke all wildlife far enough away so that it can't come back, and in locations where we are sure it can thrive and be safe. We believe in doing a 100% humane job, and that's why we also refuse to use any poisons. We are not exterminators, and we do not need them. Poisons are just as dangerous to your home as it is to the wildlife in question, and in some cases more so. It's also a terribly inhumane practice that doesn't solve the problem - the holes in your residential or commercial property will still exist, and further wildlife can gain entrance. Our 32-point building inspection puts a stop to that, isolating entry points to enable us to seal them up ... once we're sure the wildlife has been evicted, of course, using exclusion traps. Only when necessary we will resort to using live cage traps. For a free quote today, and written estimates on request, give our 24/7 manned phone-lines a call - we can book same-day appointments for emergency problems!