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Do Dogs Keep Marietta Rats And Mice Away?

When people suffer from Marietta rat and mice infestation, the first thought that comes to their mind is to get a cat. There is no doubt to say that cats can be a good choice to control mice infestation, but they fall in the category of opportunistic predators, so you never know whether they will provide you desired results on not. Many homeowners report that age cats start aging they become lazy to catch mouse wondering here and there in the house.

On the other side, dogs are more loyal towards protection of your house. Once they are trained to keep an eye on the Georgia mouse, they will never leave a chance to catch one. Experts reveal that dogs can keep mouse and rat population considerably below average because they consider it their duty. Dogs can stay 24x7 active to catch a rodent in your house, so you can have better relief with these pets.

The great news is that there are few specific dog breeds that are considered as great mice hunters. They are specifically preferred to control pest infestation in the human habitat. Many people prefer to hand over the mice and rat control duty to their dog at farm areas, and as a result, they are able to sell more crops while suffering little or no loss due to rodents.

Terriers is the commonly used Marietta dog breed to maintain a control on the population of rodents. Some people even say that these dogs are bred specifically for this purpose. In the 20th century, rat baiting was a popular sports activity in England in which a terrier dog was placed with several rats in a pit and people used to bet on how many rats this dog can kill within a certain time. With the huge popularity of that sport, these dogs are still known as best rat killers. Experts recommend using Cairn terriers and Jack Russell terriers for rat and mouse. Both these dogs have unique appearances and are known for their high energy activities. They have a tendency to bark loudly and also make good company with other pets. The Jack Russell terriers are basically fox hunters, so they often need more to run around whereas the Cairn terriers are known for their calmer behavior; they are found a good choice for hunting rodents inside the house.

We cannot say that terrier are the only Georgia dogs that can help you to control pest population at home. If you are not able to deal with their higher energy levels, it is also possible to look for few other dog varieties in the market. Dachshunds are a common choice for killing a mouse, and people find them easier to handle as well. These dogs can also maintain a control on the population of voles and gophers. Another choice for mouse infestation is Papillon but they are high maintenance dogs, so you need to make more efforts to care for them. In short, we can say that along with cats; dogs can also help you to control the population of rats and mouse at home.

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