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How to Remove a Marietta Mouse From Your Attic Using Humane Methods

Are you having a Marietta mouse problem in your house? The thought of a mouse in your house makes you want to curl up in your bed. Mice are a pest species that cause many serious problems for the homeowners. They have a habit of living in the houses and get into the food. They chew up walls, wood, wires in your home. It is crucial for you to get mouse removed from your house before they cause a dire problem. In this write-up, we have talked about the safest ways to get rid of the mouse. Here are some of the humane mouse removal methods that you can follow.

How Do You Know You have Mouse in Your Home?
There are many signs that might lead you to believe that your house is infested with Georgia mice. Some of them include:
• Scratching noise coming from the walls
• Gnawing of the electrical wires
• Squeaking sound coming from the ceiling
• Bits of pieces found in your house
It is recommended to get your house inspected first before trying to remove the mouse. There are chances it might not be a mouse in the attic. So, it is imperative to get your house inspected by a professional.

Humane Mouse Removal Methods
There are several humane ways to eradicate the Marietta mouse from your house. The most common ones are as follows:

Get Used Cat Litter
One of the easiest ways to drive away the Georgia mouse is by getting a used cat litter from a friend. You can place the litter in tubs and position it around the different parts of your house. This will make the mouse think that there is a car in your house. Eventually, the mouse will leave your house thinking it smells like cat, so there will be a cat.

Trapping the Mouse Using Live Trap
Since, there are numerous kinds of traps, the most humane trap is a live trap. You can a get a trap in which you can place the bait. When the mouse will smell the food, it will come running to eat the food. Once, you have trapped the mouse, you can release it away from your house. You can even leave it in a natural environment where there will be food and shelter for the mouse. The items that you can use as bait must be very smelly.

Eliminate Their Food Source
One of the most effective humane Marietta mouse removal methods is eradicating the things that are attracting the mouse. For instance, your uncovered garbage can be a food source for the mouse. It is imperative to get rid of piles of junk, keep the garbage lid tightly-shut, and immediately clean any food spill. It is better to bring the pet food inside. Overall, removing the mouse from your house must be on the top of your mind. They are a source of disease and illness that you should not have in your house. If you have any query or need any help, you can contact us for more information.

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