Do Marietta Raccoons Live Or Travel In Packs?

Most of the time, you will find a Georgia raccoon wondering alone here and there, but few times they are observed to travel in packs as well. Now you might be interested to know when they travel or live in packs. It is actually in their mating season and when the mother raccoon is living with her babies. Note that adult male raccoons avoid living in groups because they soon set into fights. Hence, as soon as these creatures become independent, they prefer to set up their own territory and move ahead. However, they return to the group when it is time for mating with a female raccoon, and the group will be further lead by the mother with her babies.

Generally, the male Marietta raccoon moves forward to love its independent life right after mating he has nothing to do with the babies. On the other side, the female raccoon moves into a community of other pregnant raccoons to stay in a group. That is why most of the time you will find many pregnant raccoons moving together in a pack. They will stay together until they give birth to the babies. The time when a female raccoon gets its newborn babies, she will separate from the pregnant raccoon group and will create a suitable den to live safely with babies. The mother raccoon care for the babies until they become able to hunt and live without any assistance.

Mother raccoons are always careful in selection or creation of den. They often prefer to look for an area that is safe from predators so that babies can grow without any fear. Even the mother raccoons do not allow the male raccoons to come close to the babies as there are chances that they will set into a fight and the babies may get hurt. The mother raccoons are so protective towards their newborns, and that is why they often look towards human habitats to secure a cozy and comfortable home.

The adult male Marietta raccoons have little aggressive nature towards the pack of small babies. When they sight a group of other raccoons, they immediately try to disturb or attack them. In such situations, the first preference of mother raccoon is to keep her babies at a hidden place that is unknown to the male raccoon. But once the babies are grown enough, and they can start their life independently, the mother raccoon also moves ahead with a search for a new mating companion.

The solitary lifestyle is popular among Georgia raccoons, and even if they attack your yard, they will rarely come in a pack. In case if two or male raccoons visit the same area, they will soon start a serious fight, and it can be more destructive to your property. This is the reason why they always prefer to roam alone and not even create dens for group living. In case if you find a raccoon visiting your house, it is good to call professional raccoon exterminators to get rid of these creatures.

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