Common Snakes of Georgia

Due to humid climates and subtropical regions, Georgia provides perfect living conditions to several species of reptiles including snakes. These scary creatures are often found in barrier islands, rocky edges, ledges, large rivers and mountain areas. Experts say that there are 41 common snakes in Georgia. Common Snakes of Georgia:

1. Eastern Garter Snake:
Here is a medium sized Marietta snake that can grow only up to 26 inches; however, few rare ones are found to be somewhere around 49 inches. They live on toads, frogs, slugs, worms and anything like that. This snake is often spotted in residential areas of Georgia as it keeps on visiting water-logged areas, lakes, stone walls, trash dumps, and grassy fields.

2. Brown Water Snake:
This Marietta snake is also named as green water snake, water pilot, southern water snake and water rattler. Brown water snake can grow up to 60 to 70 inches and is considered as one of the heavy bodied snakes of Georgia. It is commonly spotted near swamps and streams.

3. Scarlet King Snake:
Many people confuse it with the venomous coral snake, but the Scarlet is not so dangerous. This snake can be spotted in cultivated fields, Flatwoods, pine-oak forests as well as in busy residential areas. Experts say that these snakes love to visit gardens and swimming pools, so it is important to keep your kids and pets safe from these snakes. Another snake of Kingsnake category is Milk Snake that is also spotted in Georgia; it can be 25 to 60 inches long.

4. Hognose Snake:
People report sightings of both eastern hognose and southern hognose snakes in Georgia. They can grow only up to 25 inches in length and are often seen in marshes, ponds, streams and other coastal areas where they keep on attacking toads, lizards, and frogs.

5. Eastern Ribbon Snakes:
This slender Marietta snake can be identified with its ribbon pattern of long strips that cover the entire length of their body. Eastern Ribbon Snake is often found in wet areas such as wetlands, streams, and ponds where it can find enough food in the form of tadpoles, small fishes, salamanders, toads, frogs, and insects.

6. Crown Snakes:
Both central Florida crowned, and the South-eastern crown snake is commonly found in Georgia. But you will rarely spot this snake because it can grow only up to 10 inches long and can be missed easily even when crosses nearby. However, it is a mildly venomous snake and can cause irritation with bite, so it is good to stay away from this tiny creature.

7. Queen Snake:
You may find this Marietta snake quite similar in appearance to that of eastern garter snake and garter snake. It has a dark-colored body with cream or white stripes and can grow only up to 25 inches length. This picky snake love to create habitat near fresh and clean streams of water with a temperature setting of 10-degree C. His most essential food is crayfish that is why it is quite specific about its habitat.

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